technology that supports

engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Untap local agent potential
to connect with your members and leads
through personal interactions.

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Take your business to the next level with our solutions
Agent Outreach
Campaign Management

Reach members through local agents to engage them in your retention and wellness programs

Lead Distribution
Opportunity Management

Distribute leads directly to agent's mobile device, track activity, see results.

Campaign Management
ProducerAMS - Our solution
Agents are the key to reaching members

For the majority of your Medicare members, the field agent is the only personal relationship they have with your organization. The agent-member connection rests on the foundation of familiarity and trust. Emails and Call centers can never approach the depth of relationship that the agent built over coffee and conversation.

Empowering agents with information

ProducerAMS places the agent at the center of your member outreach strategy. Our system allows you to create outreach campaigns and directly deliver them to the agent's mobile device. With talking points and member-specific data, the agent is prepared to engage the member and capture their feedback for you.

Solutions that work the way you do
Campaigns can be as varied as your business needs...

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
30-60-90 Day Conversation

Have you received your welcome kit with ID card and Plan Coverage Package?

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
Dual Eligibility

You're eligible for Medicaid. Let's see if a Dual plan is better for you.

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
Approaching Donut hole

You're approaching the donut hole. Let's review your options.

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
PCP Retiring

Your PCP is retiring. Let's choose another physician from the network.

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
Plan Benefits Change

Let's review your ANOC letter and discuss the changes.

ProducerAMS - Get-A-Quote
Wellness Assessment

It's time for your health assessment. Would you like me to schedule it?

Opportunity Management
ProducerMAX - Lead Management
Cross-sales and Up-sales

Create agent opportunities for products like vision and dental. Provide automated alerts on member-qualifying opportunities such as dual elgibility, 5-star rated plans.

Pending opportunity reminders

Stop sales opportunities from slipping away. Our mobile app tracks pending opportunities for agents and provides timely reminders for action.

ProducerMAX - Opportunity Reminder
ProducerMAX - Lead Management
High velocity leads distribution

Assigned leads go directly to the agent's mobile device, enabling faster action. Our return receipt lets health plan know the lead was received and is being pursued.

Rule based leads distribution

Our system is flexible to configure your rules to ensure leads get routed to the desired agents. Create rules based on:

  • Geography
  • Demography
  • Round Robin
  • Time Limit
  • Custom Fields

ProducerMAX - Distribution Rules
Benefits of ProducerAMS
Increase Member Participation

Increase member participation
Campaigns can educate your hard-to-reach members on the benefits of your programs and the value of your services.
Know your agents
Which agents promote your plan and increase member satisfaction?
With our platform you see end-to-end agent engagement — who is participating in your campaigns, who they’re calling, and who is being reached.
Know Agent Engagement

ProducerMAX - Lead Management
Policy renewal reminders

Many agents don't track annual policy renewals. At ProducerAMS, you can send timely reminders to agents of upcoming renewals, allowing them to easily follow-up with their clients.

Save at-risk members
Understanding member retention is critical to your success – what drives it; what messages, relationships and interactions enhance it. ProducerAMS will provide visibility into agent-member interactions and their outcomes, helping you to unlock the keys to retention.
Identify Disengaged Member

Mobile Experience
A truly mobile experience

Our mobile app puts your campaigns at the agent’s fingertips — any time, anywhere. And, it's easy to use. A few taps on the screen can take them all the way from campaign acceptance to call outcome.

Critical campaign insights

Conducting campaigns without measuring ROI hurts your business. ProducerAMS provides the complete data for engagement, retention and lead conversion analysis.

ProducerAMS - Campaign Insights
ProducerAMS - Email Challenges
Bypass email challenges

Stop competing for agent attention in their inbox. ProducerAMS skips over the email scrum and puts your message directly on the agent's mobile.

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