What is our Agent Messaging System?

Our data distribution and communications platform enables Health Plans to deliver lead and member campaigns directly to the agent’s mobile device, and captures feedback.

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ProducerAMS - Agent Outreach solution
Key Features

Campaign Management

Lead Distribution

Simple & Quick Setup

Mobile App

Real-time Notification


Integration & API

Easy to Configure

Activities To-Do

Task Management

Measure Outcome

Track Feedback

Custom Fields

Configure Disposition

Upload Documents

Tough Security

AWS Hosting

Data Encryption

Simple to Learn

Easy to Use

Flexible to integrate

ProducerAMS can connect to your CRM and Quote & Enrollment tools,
for an end-to-end sales and retention strategy.

ProducerAMS - Flexible to integrate
ProducerAMS - Flexible Messaging
Campaigns as flexible as your business
What's your message to members?
  • You are now eligible for Medicaid
  • You may want a diabetic assessment
  • Your PCP is retiring
  • Your plan benefits are changing
  • You're eligible for a special election
Configurable feedback options

Every campaign is different. ProducerAMS allows you to set up call disposition options specific to each campaign, ensuring meaningful feedback from members.

ProducerAMS - Configurable Feedback Options
ProducerAMS - Campaign Delivery
Distribute campaigns on your schedule

Our platform allows you to distribute campaigns immediately or set a future date & time for delivery.

Electronic submission of agent forms

Using our mobile app, agents can complete and return important forms:

  • Scope Of Appointment
  • Agent Change Request
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Training & Compliance

ProducerMAX - Auto Pilot
ProducerAMS - Mobile Alerts
Mobile push notifications

Agents receive alerts with in-app message when a campaign is assigned to them.

Real-time visibility across your agents

Data is the key to understanding how your efforts are paying off. ProducerAMS tracks, measures, and reports the state of every campaign. Raw data is also provided for more in-depth research.

ProducerAMS - Campaign Insights
ProducerAMS - Know Your Client Calls
Caller Identification

For each campaign ProducerAMS creates Caller IDs, so that members returning calls to the agent are immediately identified.

Your data is safe and compliant
We strictly adhere to all HIPAA compliance regulations. Our platform uses end-to-end data encryption and hosts in a secured Amazon cloud.
Your data is safe and complaint
ProducerAMS - Quick start
Quick Start

We designed ProducerAMS to be simple, so you can be up and running as quickly as possible. Get your first campaign started within days.

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